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Optic Fiber Systems

Russia's first optical fiber plant, located in Saransk, Mordovia. The Company's shareholders are RUSNANO JSC, Gazprombank-High Technologies LLC, and the Government of the Republic of Mordovia.

On the initiative, with the direct participation and financial support of RUSNANO, Gazprombank, and the Government of the Republic of Mordovia, Optic Fiber Systems JSC was established in 2008. The company produces telecommunications and technical optical fibers, using the latest achievements in nanotechnology in optical fibers to improve the properties of products. Production reaches 4 million km of optical fiber per year. The main activities of the company include: production of backbone cables for communication systems. The largest domestic consumer of Rostelecom products uses trunk cables in all parts of Russia. Deformation, temperature and acoustic sensors in monitoring systems. Sensors for deformation, temperature and acoustics in control systems are used to monitor the condition of power lines, control the integrity of the cable and external insulation, check for deformation of pipelines, the functioning of the railway infrastructure (earth bed measurement), in the security systems of various facilities, etc. Local optical systems are necessary for normal operation of the distribution cable, for servicing individuals (subscribers), installation of drop-cables.

The quality management system includes a certificate of compliance of the serial optical fiber with the key international standards ITU-T G652D and IEC 60793-2-50 and passed the certification of the quality management system to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).

  • The company's production capacity is 2.4 million km of optical fiber per year, which covers 25% of the domestic market demand

  • The share of exports of products reaches 90%. Optic fiber systems JSC supplies its products to Russia, Belarus, China, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Poland

  • Constant growth of production rates