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Development of computer software for health care, education, oil refining, IT.

SimbirSoft was founded in 2001, from 26.06.2019 is in the process of reorganization. Florinsky CEO A.S. The co-founders of the company are 6 individuals: S.M. Yurkin, A.O. Kolesnikov, V.P. Sumenkov, A.S. Florinsky, I.Y. Kashtankin, V.V. Sychev.

The company also carries out consulting activities and works in the field of computer technologies, using 5 programming languages and 40 testing tools, setting up the launch of auto tests on CI; geoinformation services and analysis of urban infrastructure also belong to the scope of the company. The company is engaged in maximizing LTV, measuring NPS. Simbirsoft Ltd. has been working in the market of computer software services for 18 years already, being an example of a stable small business enterprise. The leading customers of the company are such companies as: Abby, Aktion, GehtSoft, SensMax, Peter-Service, Clever Data, DOM.RU.

The quality management system is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. All technical experts of the company have the international professional certification on working out, quality and project management.

  • Number of officially registered employees is 225

  • 18 years of experience in the field of computer support

  • SimbirSoft LLC is included in the list of the largest IT companies Software 500 according to the Software Magazine