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One of the best linear design systems available in Russia today

All mastodonts of pipelines are used by SPLIT without exception - among the customers you can find such companies as LUKOIL and Peter Gaz. SPLIT itself is a linear transport design system and is an application to AutoCAD. Thanks to SPLIT, you can save time and money at the design stage.

SPLIT consists of several modules, each of which is responsible for its own specific task. For example, SPLIT. Surveys are responsible for preparing survey data - you can create and edit traces using your own drawings. In turn, SPLIT. Geology allows you to enter and process drilling data. There is also an automatic stacking of the project profile.

SPLIT is the number one choice for all large companies that need linear design, so if you need to generate drawings and linear design, SPLIT is your choice.

  • Functioning in AutoCAD

  • Availability of several different modules, ground for different tasks

  • Working with drawings and pickets