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Company producing high-tech implants for ophthalmology and reconstructive surgery. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the precision of the production process to the nanometer thanks to the technology of frontal polymerization.

Founded in 1997, the company "Reper-NN" LLC is considered the founder of photochemical technology for obtaining polymeric medical devices. This technology allowed combining implants with eye tissues. For today the company successfully lets out the newest implants: endoprostheses of an ear, a nose, eyes; endoprostheses for restoring and reconstructive surgery. Highly skilled experts "Reper-NN" work on the newest modern equipment, applying methods of galvanoplasty and photolithography. The company lets out IOL on own raw materials, having thus involved a full cycle of manufacture. Programs of import substitution, and also increase in an export turnaround to the countries of Europe and a number of the countries of the world deduce LLC "Reper-NN" on high level of competitiveness. Reper-NN's products are products of European level, confirmed by the CE quality mark, and the quality system at the enterprise is approved by the certificate of international standard ISO 13485-2016.

  • The use of our own unique technology and equipment in the development and creation of implants is the basis for an integrated approach to creating a quality product

  • Many patents, including those for own equipment

  • Every 5 lenses on the Russian market of "Reper-NN" production