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BFG Group

BFG Group is a domestic engineering company, the creator of an IT platform for building digital prototypes of organizations in order to regulate transformations in the virtual reality mode and nowaday

LLC "BFG Group" has been working with manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation for more than 25 years. The company is the largest manufacturer and integrator of automatic industry in the CIS. The company's technology makes it possible to create a digital double of production and experiment on the model. Why is it necessary? For example, to search for bottlenecks and increase productivity in the future. Platforms created in the company allow forecasting the consequences of decisions made during meetings, minimizing investments, shortening production cycles and increasing profitability of enterprises several times.

The uniqueness of the proposed solution is in the creation of the best-performing reference digital counterparts, and the overall goal is to bring real production to its benchmark by properly organizing the business processes.

Main activities: creation of digital counterparts for change management and real-time planning.

  • The company's products are distributed in 79 regions of the Russian Federation

  • The company offers loans for services from 20 to 500 million rubles

  • More than 100 complex projects have already been implemented