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Robell Technology

Production of water-soluble polymers for industry and agriculture

The company was founded in 2003, during the years of work it has the main partner plant "Orgpolymersintez" (founded in 1989), together with which it produces polymeric raw materials. Many enterprises of the Russian chemical industry, such as "Henkel-Rus", "Stork", "Nevskaya Kosmetika", "Ecole", etc., widely use polymers for the production of synthetic detergents, household chemicals and cosmetics.

CJSC "Robell Technology SPB" together with the partner plant develop and test the products for agriculture in cooperation with the St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (SPBGAVM) and the All-Russian Research Veterinary Institute of Poultry (FGBNU VNIVIP).

Quality management system: The company has been operating in the polymer market for more than 15 years, which indicates the stability of operations and reliability of services provided. The quality of the products complies with the current domestic and leading international safety standards, with the availability of supporting certificates can be found on the website of the company in the appropriate section. Currently, the company is undergoing a stage of reorganization.

  • Availability of reliable partners in the sphere of chemical production.

  • Cooperation with leading Russian cosmetic and chemical concerns.

  • Regular participation of the company in environmental projects.