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Chislovaya Mechanika

Moscow JSC "Chislovaya Mechanika" is engaged in designing and manufacturing of CNC system for domestic companies

Founded in 2014, JSC "Chislovaya Mechanika" is a part of JSC "T-Platforms". The Company provides domestic industrial equipment with CNC software and hardware systems. According to the company's approval, all developments, starting from circuitry solutions, as well as central processors of the control unit are domestic. Central processors from Baikal Electronics JSC are used for microelectronic base. The main computing device is the processor module from "T-Platform".

The purpose of JSC "Chislovaya Mechanika" is to optimize the workflow and save time. Due to mutual adaptation between the hardware and software parts, it is possible to obtain high efficiency, accuracy, reliability and fault tolerance. Hardware-software systems can be used to equip various equipment and increase the competitive advantage of manufactured goods. The systems can be used for both new and obsolete machines.

  • Cooperates with a number of universal foreign companies engaged in CNC equipment

  • Number of employees 22 people

  • "T-Platforms", of which JSC "Chislovaya Mechanika" is a part, takes the first place in the Russian supercomputer industry