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Social media and RSS subscription LLC from St. Petersburg, working in the field of educational technologies LLC started its activity in 2007. The company's mission is to make Russian education more qualitative and accessible. The company contributes to building the Russian digital economy. " unites state institutions, teachers, parents and students. State institutions can provide public services in the field of education in electronic form, have access to information, statistics, monitoring and analysis of data. Teachers have at hand the necessary details: the school page with all necessary contacts, schedule and lessons, electronic journal, homework management, reports, distance learning, mobile journal. Parents can check their child's diary or academic performance at any time, receive notifications about educational processes, and find tutors. For students, the use of replaces the traditional diary, provides educational resources, allows you to create a portfolio, participate in competitions, communicate with students from other schools.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and requires a computer with Internet access. The system complies with the security rules of Federal Law No. 152 "On Personal Data".

  • In 2009, the company became a partner of the state in the market of informatization of the educational sector of Russia

  • In 2017, the company was included in the list of the most innovative companies in the world according to the World Economic Forum

  • More than 800,000 teachers, 7 million students and 3.6 million parents are registered throughout Russia