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Development and production of bio-activated microbiological fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides for agriculture; veterinary drugs for agriculture and domestic animals; drilling reagents for drilling and oil and gas extraction. More than 28 years on the market.

Scientific-innovative enterprise "Bashinkom" is a leader in the production of biopreparations and bio-activated fertilizers with many years of experience in practical and research activities, working in the field of modern agriculture and biotechnology since 1991. It is known for development of biopreparations "GUMI". (TM) - with bio-activated composition with high concentration of humic substances, optimal molecular weight and microelement composition. The creator of the line of ecologically safe biopesticides of Fitosporin series. Developed AVZ-biotechnology on the main agricultural crops from seeds to product storage. Bionex-Cemi also accounts for the largest share of the company's total revenues.

The company has 2 logistics centers, several plants, more than 500 employees, including more than 28 doctors and candidates of biological and agricultural sciences, as well as 4 separate laboratories: microbiological, agrochemical, plant physiology, phytopathology and selection of microorganisms. Diversification of production: based on the technologies developed for ultra intensive processing of raw materials, we managed to create a family of highly efficient drilling reagents for the oil and gas industry.

On the basis of ultrasonic resonance dispersant homogenizer (FRA), developed for primary processing of brown coal, it was possible to create a number of highly efficient units for the production of ice cream (for the preparation of milk mixtures, wafer test and wafer waste disposal), as well as units for other industries. At the same time, we have mastered the production of high quality organic chemicals. "Bashinkom" actively cooperates with many institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, plant protection stations and agricultural producers.

  • NWP "Bashinkom" produces more than 20 thousand tons of biological preparations and bio-activated fertilizers of 250 different types per year.

  • This is about 50% of the total domestic market.

  • The total area of application of the company's products has reached 5.5 million hectares annually.