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Premix Factory No.1

Manufacture of refined grain products and feed additives

CJSC "Premix Factory No.1" was established in 2005 in Belgorod region for production of premixes. It is a part of Prioskolye Group holding company and provides leading meat producers of the Belgorod region and the whole country with its products. In 2015, Prioskolye opened Russia's first production facility for lysine sulfate and additional products based on deep processing of grain - flour, bran, wheat gluten, and B-starch.

Premix division - a high-tech complex for the production of premixes for all types of animals, poultry and fish. Premixes can be produced according to the most complex individual recipes, including small batches, in accordance with the age and genetic potential of animals and poultry. The plant has a capacity of 3 tonnes per hour and a range of over 260 premixes. Computer software enables fast and precise production of all types of premixes, up to and including therapeutic ones.

The team of specialists of "Premix Factory No.1" was awarded the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for 2018 - for the development and industrial development of microbial synthesis technology of the most important feed additive for animal husbandry - lysine - on the basis of products of deep processing of grain. The plant's production facilities make it possible to eliminate the dependence of Russian consumers of lysine on imports at the initial stage of at least 65%, and in the future to fully meet the needs of the country. "Premix Factory No.1" has certificates of recognition of VNIIKP, the company "Adisseo". In December 2018, the company successfully passed the SGS audit and received the prestigious FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification 22000 certificate.

  • In 2017, "Premix Factory No.1" produced over 45,000 tonnes of lysine sulfate and over 35,000 tonnes of related products for a total of RUB 3.3 billion.

  • Over the 10 years of its operation, the company has increased its production capacity by 8 times.

  • The innovative biotechnological complex of CJSC "Premix Factory No.1" in 2019 increased the production of L-lysine sulfate up to 80 thousand tons per year (more than 50% of the total amount of lysine consumed in Russia)