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Production of works to ensure the safety of miners. Methane recovery from coal seams.

Georezonans Company, founded in 2010, is engaged in the production of works on early mine degassing, thereby ensuring the safety of miners, using its own development of innovative technology of plasma-pulse impact. The company uses its own patented equipment. In addition, the company extracts and processes coalbed methane. Methane content of 97% allows its use without prior preparation, for example, for electricity generation or methanol production, which increases the economic efficiency of the technology.

The company's project "Technology and methodology of coalbed pre-gasification to ensure safe operation of miners and methane recovery on an industrial scale" has been examined, supported by the state and recognized as meeting the requirements of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 28.09.2010 № 244-FZ "On the Skolkovo Innovation Center".

  • LLC Georezonans is a subdivision of the international group NOVAS.

  • General Director of the company Nikita Ageev is a mentor of the Skolkovo Foundation.
  • The applied technologies are recognized as safe, energy-saving and environmentally flawless.
  • The Chinese company Fortune (Beijing) Technology Company has become a major partner of Georezonans LLC.
  • Employees of the company provide clients and partners with consulting, personnel and technological support for projects