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Manufacture of high quality modern medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, cancer

The company was founded in 1997 for the production of anti-tuberculosis and antiretroviral drugs. Now the company's portfolio includes 145 items of medicines. The research center of the company is engaged in search, development and implementation of medicines.

In 2015, the innovative drug Perchlozon for the treatment of tuberculosis with multiple drug resistance was included in the list of Vital and Essential Medicines. The drug has undergone all clinical and preclinical trials with GLP and GCP protocols and has received confirmation of full compliance with international standards.

The drugs produced by the company are purchased by public and private medical institutions in accordance with regional programs.

The company is a member of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

and can document three patents for original drug development.

The products are manufactured at five of the company's own plants - in St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Ussuriysk and Bratsk.

Design work has begun on the largest investment project, the Farmasintez-Chemie Industrial Technopark in Usolie-Sibirskoye.

  • Production of the company's products fully complies with GMP and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • The company annually synthesizes from 300 to 500 new molecules.
  • The company produces half of all anti-tuberculosis drugs and 45% of antiretroviral drugs on the Russian market.
  • The company's management invests up to 500,000,000 roubles per year in the development of drugs.

  • In addition to the production of pharmaceuticals, Pharmasintez has developed its own original system for promoting pharmaceuticals on the market with the help of an extensive network of traders