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Tion Smart Microclimate

JSC Tion Smart Microclimate — Novosibirsk company, acting as an expert in the field of ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of air

JSC Tion Smart Microclimate was founded in 2010. The company positions itself as a research team that creates high-tech and energy-efficient products. The team develops air purification devices for business and medicine and compact devices for ventilation and air purification in the home and office. It also monitors the air quality in the city. The devices from JSC Tion Smart Microclimate eliminate dust, noise and dust, measure indoor air quality, carbon dioxide level, temperature and humidity, automatically control the climate and display data on the smartphone.

The company's goal is to create the perfect microclimate in any room. Devices that have gained success in the market: Tion Brizer 3S, Tion Brizer Lite, MagicAir, Tion Brizer O2, Tion Clever, CO2+ Module, MagicAir IR Module.

  • Collaborate with 250 dealers in 100 cities

  • Number of employees 88 people

  • In 2015, MagicAir received the Red Dot Design Award, an international prize in conceptual design