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The Seldon system simplifies and systematizes the procurement process. It allows you to see market movements in dynamics and evaluate your customer by various parameters. Widgets allow you to save up to several hours of searching and analyzing information, which allows you to objectively assess the situation.

Seldon Group produces a system that simplifies and systematizes the procurement process. There are no full-fledged analogues in Russia. In the market since 2007. This system carries out a comprehensive analysis, which includes an assessment of the efficiency of trade and procurement activities, the likelihood of winning, and the competitive activity of competitors. The key customers of the system are representatives of B2B and B2G segments. I have the largest base of tenders and companies, analyzes more than 7 thousand information sources. Conducting a comprehensive review of counterparties.

  • Have a large base of tenders and companies

  • Comprehensive check-up

  • No analogues in Russia