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Saint-Petersburg specialized construction and installation company, which offers a wide range of services in the construction of industrial and energy facilities. When implementing projects, the company uses its own specialized production unit, engineering resource and its own electrotechnical laboratory, which allows to fulfill the terms of the contract in time, as well as to reduce risks for the customer.

LLC "ETU" carries out construction and installation works. The company is engaged in construction of industrial and energy facilities, industrial, commercial, household complexes and premises. If necessary, the company attracts partners, whom they carefully check and select for a specific construction. The company has a very high level of customer focus, they know what the client wants and will want in the future, trying to exceed expectations. Interested in the growth of the client's business, strengthening of reliable and long term relations. Uses only his resources to be confident in the quality and meet the deadline of the contract, not to be dependent on suppliers.

  • High level of customer focus

  • Own production unit

  • Wide range of services