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CJSC SuperOx is a Russian developer of technologies and equipment based on HTS (High Temperature Superconductors)

Founded in 2006, the company SuperOx successfully develops technologies for production of high-temperature superconductor wires of the 2nd generation — HTS (High Temperature Superconductors). HTS is distinguished by its uniqueness, first of all, because of its very high power, caused by zero resistance and high current density. High-temperature superconductor wires are the basis for the creation of current limiting devices. SuperOx products are in demand due to their focus on protection of power systems and reduction of short-circuits in the network, which in turn leads to increased fire safety and longer service life of industrial equipment.

HTS production is concentrated in two locations: Russia and Japan. The importance of projects using superconducting limiters has led to close attention and support from the state, and the company itself has received the status of a national project within the framework of the prospects of work in the aerospace industry and other strategic facilities of national importance.

  • CJSC SuperOx owns 18% of WTSP production worldwide

  • Constant developments in collaboration with scientific institutes

  • 18 patents for own technologies