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Group of Companies "Technospark" — a company that positions itself as a creator, grows and sells technological startups

Founded in 2012, Technospark has taken off, successfully promoting its technological solutions and occupying leading positions in the innovation rating as one of the fastest growing young companies in Russia. The company operates on the principle of "incubation" of technological chains, creating product and contract companies for their further sale to large corporations or individual entrepreneurs wishing to acquire a ready-made "grown" business. In the case of product companies, Technospark promotes not the production of the product itself, but the chain of its creation, highlighting a special concept for the company, based on an effective division of labor. When creating contract companies, Technospark provides their main role as a production infrastructure for product steppes, not excluding the possibility of a separate existence of the contract company.

Venture construction (construction of a business with a view to its further sale) is the mission of the company, which has been successfully implemented for 7 years. The sale of the ready-made company is carried out at the stage of development (approximately 5 years). Technosparek simultaneously grows more than 100 promising innovative companies, the demand for which will only increase.

  • The 2nd place in the Russian rating of fast-growing technological companies

  • Up to 500 tons of billets per month

  • More than 300 employees are on staff