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OTM Group is a company engaged in online technologies and media resources, implementing mobile advertising projects in the domestic market and abroad

Established in 2010, OTM as an automated advertising platform includes several automated advertising products: DSP, SSP, DMP, AdExchange, Antifraud, Smart Switch, etc. Automated advertising platforms, depending on their configuration, resolve a number of issues from the purchase of advertising space through the auction, to the collection, storage and processing of data. OTM has developed Adtech's own technology to control, manage and modify the advertising campaign online. A professional team of traders perfectly manages advertising campaigns regardless of the complexity of implementation. OTM is distributed on three main branches: Russia, Vietnam, USA.

  • As of 2019, the company has successfully launched more than 4,000 advertising campaigns for 387 clients from around the world

  • 3rd place in the AdIndex Digital Service Rankings 2015

  • Own rich client base (several hundred advertisers)