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Russian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, developer of intelligent industrial communications systems

LLC "Armtel" is an industrial and technological company, which has been successfully combining the traditions of the Russian engineering school with modern technologies for the creation of reliable industrial communication equipment, which guarantees safety in difficult industrial conditions for almost 20 years. Under the Armtel brand a wide range of separate equipment and ready-made systems of loudspeaker communication with the use of the latest digital technologies and element base is produced. The systems are ready for operation in difficult conditions of differences or high/low temperatures, vibration, dustiness, aggressive environments.

DCN is a versatile, decentralised loudspeaker and process communication system for industry, designed to ensure reliable and safe operation under extreme conditions. For the organization of DCN use switches "Armtel" DCN-16U and DCN-2. It is possible to connect digital, analog, simplex and duplex equipment to the system. It is characterized by high quality communication and stability of operation. The additional special module to the digital interface of the subscriber allows to connect the analog equipment, including amplifiers, lines of radio broadcasting, the equipment of systems of the notification, the alarm system.

The company's products are installed in power, oil and gas, chemical and metallurgical industries, transport and power structures in Russia, CIS and the rest of the world. The quality of Armtel's services is confirmed by a unique package of licenses and certificates, including those for the use of equipment in nuclear industry facilities and hazardous areas. The company's quality management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

  • Opening of a representative office in India in 2017

  • Over 19 years of operation, has implemented more than 500 projects for 150 companies/clients from 18 countries

  • It was recognized as the best exporter of high-tech equipment in 2018