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IQ Systems LLC

"IQ Systems" is developing data processing technology using optoinformatics and photonics based on photons to receive, process and store information.

"IQ Systems" was established in 2012 with the aim of establishing a research centre for the development of ultra-fast transmission and recording optical technologies. The optical control and measurement system, development of the ultrafast transmission optical technology, integration of optical devices and their elements using the Pockels optical effect made it possible to maintain in transient modes the measurement accuracy of at least 0.2% with the presence of digital output in "smart networks" (IEC 61850 digital interface).

The company's experience in designing and implementing digital substations was recognized as a success. This development uses an optical transformer, which differs from its analogues by the absence of traditionally harmful and explosive insulating materials. A fundamentally innovative approach to voltage measurement using optical effect allowed the use of transformers in operation with a significant temperature range from -60 to +60 degrees with a significant reduction in weight of the device, which facilitates installation and maintenance, such as access control systems equipment, work on the construction of security alarm systems at facilities, work on installation of visitor counting system at the facility.

Developments of the company's employees include optical sensors of electrical voltage, research in the field of precision optical measurements, new approaches to measuring geometric dimensions, refractive indices and temperature, measuring the thickness of sheet glass in adverse hot zone conditions, optics of anisotropic media, the introduction of fiber-optic technologies to create diagnostic devices.

  • Own laboratories and research center

  • Among the leading researchers of the company there are engineers awarded with a gold medal of the Ministry of Education and having scientific degrees

  • The company successfully participated in the Russian exposition of the 25th session of CIGR and signed cooperation agreements with SELTA (Italy), as well as with Profotec Ltd