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"Atmosphere" presents itself as a company providing a new and demanded type of service related to the re-use of the propulsion system of the rocket block.

The company was founded in December 2014 and currently its scientific potential is represented by Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, leading specialist of the project Yushkov Vladimir Alexandrovich and Doctor of Technical Sciences, scientific consultant of the project Ivanov Petr Ivanovich under the guidance of Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, chief specialist of the project Chizhukhin Vladimir Nikolaevich.

The priority area of the company's development is special parachute systems made of high-temperature materials for rescue and reuse of propulsion systems with the use of the same dome devices on the whole reduction path. Aerospace parachute systems, in addition to rescuing steps and engine, are used to exclude areas where first steps and head fairings fall, giving immediate economic benefits and minimizing the cost of launches.

Atmosfera products are currently in demand by the Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Centre, Yuzhnoye Design Office, TsSKB PROGRESS and Orbital. The developments of the Atmosfera Research and Innovation Centre ensure that there are no mechanical damages when used repeatedly for the used engines of medium- and light-class missiles. Helicopter pick-up is used, which reduces braking to the required temperature and stabilizes the rate of fall of the separable stage. The project is at the initial stage of testing the use of aerospace parachute systems for launch vehicles "Angara" and "Soyuz-2".

  • Tests were carried out on a video camera for the MMR-06 meteor rocket to assess the overall behaviour of a single-dome SAR

  • "Atmosphere" is developing scientific cooperation with the Central Aerological Observatory

  • The experimental and aeronautical department of the observatory participates in the "Atmosfera" project