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The company has created a simple mobile app that shows the driver the following curves that are out of sight and displays the picture on his smartphone, turning it into a projection display

The company was established in March 2015. The company specializes in software development, conducts consulting activities, develops computer technologies. Among the company's products there are mobile applications such as HUDWAY Go, which is the only navigation application specifically designed for safe driving with a smartphone. Unlike other navigation applications, which show the user a map consisting of many colorful elements, HUDWAY Go deliberately displays a three-dimensional contrasting image of the route on a black background.

The company's director and chief developer, Ivan Kulakov, presented the HUDWAY application at the Consumer Electronics Expo held in Las Vegas since 1965. By rethinking the technology that was developed 20 years ago, the company has created a popular product that improves the safety of drivers on the road.

Another development of the company is the HUDWAY Drive application, which allows you to select information to display on the external display and control its parameters, such as brightness and scale. In this application the user can highlight his route against the map and record the history of previous routes and fuel consumption statistics.

  • HUDWAY received one of the highest awards of the Best Startup of the Year 2015

  • The HUDWAY project raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter

  • RIT-Innovations was named the best start-up of the year by the business incubator of the Higher School of Economics