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The company was founded in 2010 by JSC "Izhevskiy Mashzavod", JSC "RUSNANO", FC "Uralsib".

NPC "Springs" produces super strong springs using a unique technology. The plant has its own facilities and a diverse fleet of spring winding machines both domestic and foreign production, turning, grinding, thermal and other equipment necessary for the production of springs.

The company manufactures compression and extension springs for technical purposes of various configurations and complexity, as well as lip springs of various steel and alloy grades. The springs are a part made of elastic wire. This part is used almost everywhere. The main task of the springs is to dampen and absorb mechanical energy, as well as to accumulate it. The part is made of special wire. It is distinguished from ordinary wire by its high strength and elasticity.

The springs are made by winding on special machines. NPC "Springs" uses only the most modern and highest quality equipment, thanks to which customers get only the best quality products. Springs can be conditionally divided into several types, based on the load that this part perceives. The first type is a stretching spring. It is designed to absorb and store energy. The second type is a compression spring. Its task is to resist the load, not to let the mechanism on which it is set fail. This type of spring is most often used in the world. The third type is a rolling spring. As it becomes clear from its name, it perceives loads in parallel axes.

Produces almost a full range of products, such as compression, torsion, stretching springs. Various shapes of these parts are offered to the customer's attention - cylindrical, conical and various others for the production of elevators, railroad transport, road transport and agricultural machinery.

  • NPC "Springs" is a part of Scientific and Production Corporation "United Wagon Company"

  • NPK "United Wagon Company" entered the rating of sustainable development

  • Shop for the production of railway springs in Izhevsk demonstrates the products of the Commission of the Council for Railway Transport