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A Russian company founded by Yuri Kriulin, an aviation engineer from Irkutsk, is producing the latest model of a wind-solar power plant.

Aerogrin was founded in 2011, by which time the development of a new model by Yuri Kriulin was temporarily completed. In 2012 the team has already patented the wind turbine, and by 2014 it was among the TOP 10 best Russian inventions in the field of "clean technology". According to the developers, the created model is not an absolute know-how in the production of wind turbines, but its aerodynamic solution has helped to cope with one of the most common problems of such installations.

Among the advantages it should be noted that the model created by the Irkutsk engineer is able to work in squall and hurricane winds. The wind power plant can be easily attached to the roofs of buildings thanks to a lightweight plastic frame. The invention features a low noise level of 30 dB, while other similar devices, this figure reaches 45 - 60 dB.

What is this for? For example, in the USA today, to install a wind-solar power plant in the sector with private houses requires the permission of all neighbors because the wind models with blades are noisy, and also because the neighbors are against watching the constant rotation of the blades. In fact, there are people who complain about mental health problems from the fact that they constantly see the rotating blades in front of their eyes. Due to the fact that the model's fairing, created by Aerogreen, consists of a noise-absorbing body, the noise is reduced by three times and the wind turbine's operation is almost unheard.

  • A unique aerodynamic solution patented in Germany

  • The new model is unique in reducing possible environmental risks

  • In the next three years, the company plans to raise $12 million to develop and expand its production.