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LLC TurboEnergy - research company in the field of energy, participant of the Skolkovo project. The main activity of the company is related to scientific research and development in the field of energy and mechanical engineering, development of technologies and equipment for the use and disposal of various types of secondary energy resources

The idea of the company dates back to 2004, in 2007 the company received a patent for invention of the Republic of Belarus, and in 2011 a prototype of the organization was developed and created.

Founded in 2009, the domestic company is currently developing dynamically. Employees have many years of experience in this area and are real professionals in their field, distinguished by their ambition and purposefulness. TurboSphere" turbo-generators generate additional electricity through the pressure drop of natural gas, which allows you to increase the fuel efficiency, to obtain an environmentally friendly source of electricity, as well as additional income for the company, equivalent to annual savings on the purchase of electricity from the external network, or through its implementation to third parties.

The range of the company's work is quite wide, it is engaged in: certification, development and testing of thermal waste of gas farms, small and medium industrial enterprises, energy of excess pressure flows, creation and simulation of technological structures. TurboEnergy LLC designs and manufactures certified turbo-generator plants that meet the requirements, including: turbo-generator and automatic control system, engaged in the development of innovations in energy and energy supply.