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CardioNova LLC is a private biotechnology company. It was founded in 2011 and its main goal is to bring innovative medicines for cardiovascular diseases to the market.

According to statistics, in Russia, heart disease is the cause of death for one million people every year. And a tenth of the victims are people of working age. And about four hundred thousand people every year become disabled due to heart attacks and strokes. One fifth of the people who die from this kind of disease are of working age. The main task of CardioNova LLC, a private biotechnology company founded in 2011, is to create new drugs that will shake the market with their innovations. The company is a resident of Skolkovo and receives appropriate grants to enable it to conduct the necessary research.

Some time ago, to the delight of all those who in one way or another faced cardiovascular disease in their families, the company announced the beginning of clinical trials of its drug to prevent atherosclerosis and treat dysplipidemia. Among the company's investors is Maxwell Biotech - these are the people who have invested their money in the development of the aforementioned drug. By the way, for this purpose, CardioNova is going to work closely with an American biotechnology company. As many people know, cardiovascular diseases are a very common cause of death not only in our homeland. The urgency of CardioNova's research becomes even more acute against the background of experts' forecasts that in 2020 the number of deaths from these diseases will reach 25 million per year.

The company's research was conducted on mice with dense cholesterol deposits in vessels, which leads to certain diseases and plaque formation. However, due to the use of the drug in the blood of rodents not only significantly reduced cholesterol levels, but also reduced the size of vascular damage. At the moment, no other drug on the market can boast of such an effect. In addition, the developed CardioNova drug is the safest of all drugs available on the market and does not threaten human health, even if the estimated maximum effective dose is exceeded. Employees of the company have already shared their results in research in this area in a number of scientific publications, and in the meantime the drug is undergoing clinical trials to help millions of people in the near future.

  • The company is developing innovative drugs to combat cardiovascular diseases.

  • A number of preclinical studies show high efficacy of the developed CardioNova drug

  • In addition to receiving funding from the Maxwell Biotech venture fund, CardioNova is also a resident of Skolkovo.