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Company MatriFlex being a resident of Skolkovo, is engaged in working out of innovative materials for the Russian market of regenerative medicine.

The main market of company MatriFlex is traumatology with orthopedics. It is in these industries that the Skolkovo resident is going to introduce its products. It is difficult to underestimate urgency of a choice, after all in our country traumas are one of the main reasons of disability of people. Every year about 13 million traumas are registered. Moreover, every year this number is only growing. At the same time, the market for biocomposite materials in Russia is still in its infancy. However, the company's products are being perfectly implemented in the markets of another plan - the market of implants and dental services.

As for the latter, it amounts to billions of rubles. The main direction of the sphere development is composite materials, their development and use. These materials as much as possible imitate natural processes in the formation and restoration of tissues. The company was opened in 2013. The Russian market today is a great opportunity for the manufacturer of regenerative medicine products, and MatriFlex, in turn, is engaged in the development of innovative materials.

For example, a previously developed product called COLLOST, which was based on bovine collagen, has already proven itself in various fields. The company has even obtained a patent for this product. It used an original biomaterial processing technology, which allowed to obtain quality matrices and use them to restore bone tissue, reducing all kinds of risks such as infection and immune reaction. At the same time, scientists managed to preserve both the three-dimensional structure of tissue and the properties of the material. The company's immediate plans now include a goal to develop its portfolio.

  • The company is developing on a new and not yet occupied Russian market.

  • The company already has its own patented product.

  • The product developed by the company allows reducing all the risks of bone regeneration such as infection and immunity reaction.