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Gurus BioPharm

Gurus Biopharm is a biopharmaceutical research company that creates innovative drugs.

Gurus is a domestic company, resident of Skolkovo, which is engaged in the development of innovative drugs. The medicines they produce are designed to restore people's lost health and improve their quality of life in chronic diseases. Some time ago the company released its first product - serum, which promotes the growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. It contains nitrolypines, which play a crucial role in hair follicle activity. The company has plans for Napoleon, and is confident that their serum will be the most serious hair growth product on the market and will help millions of men and women who have experienced alopecia.

However, hair is not the only thing that Gurus researchers think about: the company has carried out a number of unprecedented developments in the field of asthma treatment. As a result, a new drug has been released promising to help everyone who suffers from this disease. Patents in the USA and Japan show the great potential of this development. Among other things, the company's portfolio mentions the treatment of critical limb ischemia. Future projects also include the treatment of glaucoma - this project is still at the research stage. From the cardiovascular system to baldness: it seems that pharmacists will soon be able to make life easier for many millions of people.

To create all this goodness, the company uses its own platform, experimenting with endogenous molecules. The main feature of the latter is their complete absence of toxicity. The existence of the startup proves how important it is to invest in the biopharmaceutical industry, because the drugs they create give people suffering from incurable (yet) diseases a chance.

  • Gurus Biopharm has released a cosmetic product that can help restore hair on your head.

  • The company has registered patents in countries such as USA and Japan.

  • The company carries out research in a wide range of medical fields and prepares medicines.