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MC-Development is a research company that develops new drugs and tests them.

The company "MC-Development" was launched in 2014. It is also registered in Skolkovo and is a resident of the Russian Innovation Center. The company has many years of experience, which has resulted in a wide network of partners and suppliers, including a number of pharmaceutical companies. During its existence, thanks to the company's efforts, twelve different medicines have appeared on the market. And already in 2017 MC-Development started to actively attract new projects. As a result, now the company has six projects in its asset, which are at different stages of development.

The projects, which the company has attracted, are engaged in the development of drugs capable of curing diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, stomach ulcers and lipid metabolic disorders. The company's plans for the next ten years include the transfer of at least ten innovative drugs to pharmaceutical manufacturers. To implement these plans, the company will carefully seek out projects with a promising future and engage highly qualified people, as well as use its existing network of partners. These partners already include companies in chemistry, biotechnology and medicine.

MC-Development is clearly focused on creating innovative medicines that people need. To do so, it ensures that they are carefully studied, because patients should receive truly effective and safe medicines instead of pacifiers with invented characteristics, of which there are now a great many. People who are part of the site team are professional chemists, microbiologists and candidates of medical sciences, so we do not have to talk about the competence of the project members. Every year the company concludes cooperation with one, or even several large projects.

  • MC-Development already has six projects at different stages of development

  • The staff includes exclusively highly qualified specialists, among whom there are even candidates of medical sciences.

  • The company is going to release at least ten new drugs in the next ten years.