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QRepublik is a French-Russian company engaged in creating medical identifiers and cloud platforms.

In the west, so-called medical identifiers have long been popular among people - devices (usually cards or bracelets) that contain all the necessary medical information about a person. For example, from such ID you can find out what drugs a person takes, whether he or she has allergies or chronic diseases. Having a medical ID can be a great way to help or even save a person's life when they travel regularly and urgently need emergency assistance. In these situations QRepublik ID will be the easiest way to overcome the language barrier, as the ID can translate information into as many as 24 languages.

So no matter where a person goes, they can count on help everywhere. In addition to the above mentioned, the non-electronic medical identifiers automatically notify relatives that their family member is in trouble. According to some data, in 95% of cases in America, first aid workers check a person's medical identifier to obtain more information about their health status. This small device helps avoid misdiagnoses and makes it easier to find the patient's relatives. It also allows doctors to find out everything they need about allergies, insurance numbers and more. In some cases, timely information about a patient told to the doctor may save the patient's life.

QRepublik products are used by people all over the world, including not only Russia, but also the United States of America, Turkey and Israel. The company's total number of customers exceeds 50,000. Among its partners are social services, insurers, travel agencies and clinics. The target audience includes a wide range of people: tourists, who often travel abroad, people who are passionate about extreme sports, elderly people, and just citizens who have a culture of health care. The company has its own cloud system where you can not only create your own personal profile, but also add information about your family members.

  • QRepublik is a company with a huge customer base of over 50,000 users around the world.

  • The company's partners include such institutions as social services, insurance companies and even clinics.

  • The QRepublik company has been operating since 2014 and its products are used by people from different countries.