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SMART SOFT was opened in June 2008. The company's projects guarantee safe access to the Internet, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of various organizations and ownership forms.

Traffic Inspector Next Generation Enterprise software consists of several devices and a single control center. With this management system, a system administrator can set network access and other settings for multiple devices at once. Traffic Inspector Next Generation Enterprise software is written by the company for centralized administration of shared access to the Internet.

Collaboration with SMART SOFT within the White Label program allows licensing Traffic Inspector Next Generation Enterprise under its own brand with subsequent customization of the interface upon request of the client. This program provides a number of advantages, such as no need to develop technology from scratch, ready-made solutions for information protection and security.

Among the enterprises that use the Traffic Inspector Next Generation software, special attention is drawn to Aviaautomatika JSC, which specializes in the development and production of radio electronic equipment and modern avionics for civil and military customers. Specialists of "Aviaautomatics" JSC choseTraffic Inspector Next Generation to provide functional control and limited Internet access for users.

  • The company's product is approved for use and certified by FSTEC.

  • SMART SOFT became a finalist of the "Digital Tops" award within the Russian Internet Week 2019 (RIW).

  • IDS intrusion detection system testing is successful