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Perfect Crystals

The company researches the production of wafers and structures based on gallium nitride with low defect density for energy efficient mass semiconductor devices.

The "Perfect Crystals" was registered in 2011. The company develops technologies for producing gallium power wrenches, which are increasingly in demand in the production of transistors. This is a new trend in the manufacture of motor control systems, in medical equipment and in automotive equipment with difficult operating conditions. Gallium keys can also be used in the manufacture of HF transmitters on an industrial scale and power amplifiers.

Based on wide-area semiconductors, it is also possible to manufacture electronic devices for high voltage and power equipment and LEDs. The production of base-plate crystals and structures is of primary importance for the company's pilot projects, which are aimed at obtaining crystals with no or small uncritical defects.

The market for gallium-based baseplate crystals and structures is at the stage of formation, and the company's focus on the production of wide-area semiconductors may be evidence of a scientific approach to commercial activities. The article "Thick layers ɑ-Ga 203 on sapphire substrates obtained by the method of chloride epitaxy", FTP, 2019, ¹6, was published by A.I. Pechnikov, S.I. Stepanov, where the production of gallium nitride under laboratory conditions is studied.

  • The company received a patent of the Russian Federation 2576436 for its own scientific development of a semiconductor wafer.

  • In our own laboratory we are developing new generation devices.

  • The company has plants for growth of templates and epoxy structures.