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Anron Ltd. is a large Russian company engaged in the development of a Wi--climate system, the purpose of which is to independently control (without interference with management) temperature and humidity regimes (TWR) at geographically distributed logistics and production facilities, where the temperature and humidity of the environment significantly affect the quality of storage and processing of raw materials and products.

The systems produced perform a number of functions necessary to maintain a normal climate in the territory. The system is able to measure air and liquid temperature, to measure atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide level, ammonia level, to control the condition of doors and ventilators, to control modes and serviceability of climate equipment, to measure ammonia and carbon dioxide level, to measure lighting in the room, to archive and visualize the measurements, to expose the data in MSExcel, to analyze and signal on the fact that the parameters exceed the norms.

Anron's solutions are used in a variety of industries, agriculture, for operational monitoring of microclimate parameters, production and office premises, museums, experimental studies, and under harsh operating conditions. Their system allows for continuous monitoring and electronic reporting of temperature and humidity conditions, as well as monitoring of the condition of actuators and moving parts of enclosing structures with the help of contact sensors.

The company's products are convenient to use both for organization/optimization of internal control of warehouse and production operations, and for control of storage modes during transfer of raw materials/products to related companies.

  • Anron's main mission is to improve production efficiency.

  • The company has minimized the environmental impact of its operations

  • The system produced consists of hardware and software parts.