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Mirapolis LLC is a large domestic IT-company specializing in creation and implementation of complex automation systems for HR-processes.

For over 13 years Mirapolis has been creating its own solutions for personnel management. The method of human capital management offered by the company presupposes automation of working processes within the framework of a common software platform aimed at increasing the efficiency of training, evaluation, recruitment and selection of the concern's working personnel, in addition to creating management and career development goals for the personnel reserve, as well as their training, recruitment, selection and adaptation.

Mirapolis is a part of Softline companies, which is one of the main suppliers of services and IT solutions on the world arena, including the markets of Latin America, India, Azeibardjan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia and South-East Asia. The company assumes complex technological solutions, hardware supply, its licensing and provision of related IT services.

The company has developed a single database of candidates for employment, which allows to save the history of work, eliminate unrelated work with the same candidates, as well as to build a reserve to accelerate the search for suitable candidates from the existing database.

  • Mirapolis HCM system is registered in the Register of Russian software.

  • Samsung is a client of Mirapolis Ltd.

  • The company cooperates with the leading companies-providers of the Russian automation market in the field of HR