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Computer Robotics

Computer Robotics is a company that is part of the Robotics group of companies engaged in the development of computer applications for industrial enterprises and medical facilities.

Limited Liability Company "Computer Robotics" was established in 2013 to enter the market with its own software solutions, to upgrade existing equipment from any manufacturer. The software applications developed by this company are a continuation of the project (implemented since 2005) to reconfigure the robotic equipment used in various enterprises. It allows to carry out desire of manufacturers, the basic customers of the company, to raise quality of manufacture at the expense of re-profiling of the existing equipment in more modern without purchase of new and large economic investments.

The uniqueness of "Computer Robotics" projects lies in the fact that there are very few such offers of ready-made solutions in the market. Knowledge of modern mechanics and electronics, as well as our own developments in the field of control of robot manipulation allows us to solve the problems of our partners at the project level.

The company meets the needs of consumers for training and research in the field of robotics on its own unique platform "Robot Butterfly". The need to integrate human labor with fine machining of small parts in production has brought Robotic Cell's know-how to the market with great demand.

  • The company is staffed by highly qualified engineers and specialists in the field of programming.

  • Wide range of robotic applications including service, education and industry

  • An integrated approach to the customer's project: from the joint drafting of the terms of reference to the comprehensive integration at the customer's enterprise