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"MT-Innovations" is a Moscow enterprise established to support the Skolkovo Innovation Centre project, of which it is a member.

Limited Liability Company "MT-Innovations", established at the end of 2018, is a subsidiary of JSC "Maxima Telecom" and the "Skolkovo" Foundation on the basis of partnership agreement on cooperation.

MT-Innovations is engaged in design and development of monitoring and accounting systems for their further operation to support communication networks. The company solves the tasks of developing the latest methods and tools for radio planning of wireless communication.

The developed digital analytical platform is aimed at reducing the operating costs of partners, and thus, at increasing the efficiency of their business.

The innovative algorithms designed and put into operation, systems of recognition and authorization of users are one of the implemented areas of MT-Innovation, as a resident of the "Skolkovo" Foundation. The joint task of ensuring the functioning of the Fund embodies the solution of monetization of traffic in communication networks by showing advertising and competent analytics, which allows to keep records of the number of connections, age, gender, requests and place of residence of clients. Data on connection to the network allows to carry out retargeting, as all data is carefully stored on the platform.

  • High profitability (70 - 80%) of the city digitalization segments.

  • Extensive experience and advanced expertise in building digitalization infrastructure, large data processing systems, launch of all types of digital services and monetization of assets.

  • The world's largest Wi-Fi network and no analogues abroad