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Research Institute of Science-Intensive Technologies Fedal

Research Institute of Science-Intensive Technologies Fedal is a St. Petersburg research organization engaged in the development of laser electronics.

Limited Liability Company "Fedal", established in 2015, is a small company operating in the market of laser electronics. The company has been successfully developing and manufacturing electronic devices for a wide range of lasers since 2002. The product line of Fedal includes various chargers, modules, control and synchronization devices, laser energy indicators, diode drivers and charging modules, as well as other equipment for lasers.

The company, together with the customer, also develops individual technical tasks for a specific customer.

Highly qualified specialists of Fedal are frequent participants of scientific and technical exhibitions, conferences and forums dedicated to advanced laser technologies, proof of which are numerous expert diplomas and certificates.

Since September 2015 the company has been a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, thus presenting a successful example of commercialization of domestic developments of laser devices power supply systems through their serial production and sale not only in Russia but also in the foreign market.

  • The Company works with major government customers in Russia and abroad.

  • Market geography of Fedal covers the territory of Russia, Europe, Asia and USA

  • The company is an elected member of the CIS Board of National Experts in the field of laser technology.