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TermoLazerLLC is an enterprise engaged in creation and mastering of the technology of laser hardening of surfaces of large-size parts made of various metals and alloys of complex shape, including the inner surface of pipes.

Limited Liability Company "TermoLazer" was established in 2010 as an innovative company developing laser technologies in the engineering industry. The company's products are represented by high-tech laser systems designed for thermal hardening, cladding and welding of metal.

Stationary complexes based on gas laser serve for processing of large-size parts and inner surfaces of cylinders. The diode laser is the basis for a robotic complex used in work with oversized products. TermoLazer is profiled on parts with different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and surfaces.

In addition to high-tech equipment, the company also offers a range of services for thermal peening and organizes engineering centers together with the customer on its territory, helping mechanical engineering companies to introduce modern laser technology in the production process. The advantage of laser technology is that thermal peening delivers finished products to the process, increasing their resistance to wear several times.

Today, in addition to the domestic market, TermoLazer company focuses on possible export. The company's technology and equipment are in demand in all major machine building companies, because in addition to its economic and productive efficiency, it is environmentally friendly.

  • The company's staff, consisting of experienced, highly qualified engineers, is continuously engaged in research and development activities.

  • The company has opened and plans to open several engineering centers throughout Russia

  • A multiple participant in scientific and technological exhibitions and forums where he presents his products