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Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov

For almost thirty years, Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov has been producing products from polymer composite materials

Energy efficiency, energy saving, construction, mining and composite materials - all these words can equally be attributed to the company Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov. The range of products manufactured by the company includes fiberglass fittings, construction dowels, rods, pipes and much more. Relevance of products is growing every year, because every now and then there are some new technologies. Due to its low cost and simplicity in manufacturing, fiberglass today have the largest part of the market for composites. They are used in transport, mining, oil production, electricity and many other areas.

The plant, which received the main place in the competition for the best industrial enterprise of the Altai Territory, was founded in February 91. During these decades, it was able to develop incredibly in the field of research and production of polymer composites. Specialists working at this plant managed to create world-class products, while bypassing only their own developments. For this purpose, the plant has a constant quality control and global study of material properties. The quality management system, which fully complies with the requirements of international standard, is also used here. In turn, by means of maximum automation it is possible to avoid errors and errors associated with the human factor.

As for the assortment, all products of the company Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov are divided into several categories. For example, among construction products one can find composite reinforcement and different plugs. And among the products for a wide range of purposes, people will find carbon plastic and cylindrical pipes. However, the company's services include not only production of high quality composite products, but also their subsequent logistics: the company will deliver you the goods anywhere in Russia (and not only Russia). The company also has its own laboratory, where all the products manufactured by them are thoroughly tested for a number of indicators, and only then goes on sale.

  • The company has twice won the All-Russian contest "1000 best enterprises and organizations of Russia".

  • The quality of the company's products is absolutely comparable to the world analogues.

  • Products made by "Biysk Fiberglass Plant" were awarded more than 150 diplomas at various exhibitions.