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Brand Glass

A company called the Brand Glass produces fireproof glass to protect people from fires

The history of the company described in this text goes back to the end of zero, when a glass processing company, where the project creator worked, was commissioned to produce fireproof glass. It was to be used in the subway to protect the cab in which the driver sits. A market analysis revealed that none of the available products met the customer's requirements. It became clear that there was a need to develop glass that would work on completely different principles. The author of the project decided to create his own. This is how the history of the company Brand Glass began.

Five years later, it was rebranded. During these five years the company managed not only to launch production, but also to obtain 57 certificates. After 2014, Brand Glass stopped buying components for the production of its fireproof glass from suppliers and began manufacturing them. What did it give the company? Firstly, it shortened the time of production itself. Secondly, it became possible to control quality at each stage of production. Among other things, the company had its own research department, which also benefited.

Some time ago, the company also began manufacturing double-glazed windows with a duplex. Many people choose the Brand Glass for the following reasons: it is a short manufacturing time, adequate cost of services and attention to customer wishes. The company also provides fast delivery and gives a five-year warranty on its products. Among the main features of glass can be considered that they are resistant to ultraviolet, perfectly cope with noise insulation and are not afraid of low temperature conditions.

  • The company offers fire-resistant glass that has no analogues in Russia.

  • The company has won 57 certificates and its own production line.

  • The glass produced by the company is of high quality, reliable and noise-insulated.