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Company Rekon is engaged in research and development of high quality building materials

The company Rekon appeared on the market in 1991. During the period of its existence, it was awarded to become a resident of a technopolis called Himgrad. For today it is one of the main developers of ecologically harmless building materials. Nanomaterials, coatings, construction and chemical production are the main areas of Rekon. It is necessary to notice that already from the very beginning of the occurrence in the market the company is engaged in research works. During this time it managed to collect a number of patents for various inventions and utility models. However, this is not surprising, given that the company has its own research laboratory, as well as the fact that "Rekon" has highly professional staff (for example, in their staff there are two candidates of technical sciences and one doctor).

A few years ago, products made by Rekon were included in the Register of Innovative Products. The company also participates in various platforms and industrial clusters. All its products fall into several categories: solutions for construction, composite solutions and restoration. In each of the categories, the client is offered a whole list of products. For example, if we are talking about composite solutions, we are mainly talking about water emulsions. In the case of restorative solutions, however, we are dealing with paints. And for construction, we offer lacquers and waterproofing with soil.

A detailed description of each of the above materials can be found directly on the official Rekon website. From there, downloading the appropriate electronic document, you can learn all the necessary information about the storage and use of certain materials produced by the company. Also from the same document you can find out detailed information about the composition of a particular solution. It is worth noting that the company is cooperating with very serious institutions. For example, Moscow Metro and Russian Railways. The Rekon company also boasts a number of certificates, which can be found closer by visiting the official website. The manufacturer has big plans for the future and you can be sure that in the near future we will have new environmentally friendly materials for construction and restoration work.

  • The company is one of the main developers of environmentally friendly building materials.

  • The company's products were included in the Register of Innovative Products.

  • Among the partners of the company are "Moscow Metro" and "Russian Railways".