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Russian Engineering Club

The company Russian Engineering Club is engaged in manufacturing of laser medical equipment.

Today Russian Engineering Club is one of the leaders in the field of domestic laser medical equipment. The Company was founded in 1993 in Tula and at first was engaged in laser surgical equipment sales. However, in the course of its development "Russian Engineering Club" started using new and more advanced technologies. Today the company holds leading positions in this market due to a wide range of equipment, personal service and close cooperation with scientific institutes. Laser devices manufactured by the company can be used in a wide range of medical fields.

They are equally suitable for gynaecologists, dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists, dentists, and doctors involved in eye health. The main advantages of these lasers are bloodless incision and surgical treatment of wounds. Lasers also boast precision, complete control, and predictable results that are unmatched by traditional treatments. The company has a wide range of products: each device has its own characteristics, equipment, scope of application and, finally, cost.

That's why it's very important to clearly define your goals and capabilities before buying any equipment. Then you won't have any trouble finding the right option for you. The efficiency of the company and the quality of its equipment is evidenced by the fact that more than one and a half thousand devices developed by the company are already operating throughout Russia in a variety of medical institutions. They are used for removal of vascular neoplasms, skin rejuvenation, and the treatment of external facial defects. For example, acne or, as it is also called, acne, which is so common among young people, causes the development of complexes and gives them many inconveniences.

  • The company is engaged in the production of laser equipment

  • Today there are more than one and a half thousand laser devices of the company in Russia.

  • Our lasers have the widest range of applications: oncology, dentistry, ophthalmology, etc.