OOO Monocrystal is the only high-tech export company in Russia, which is the world leader in its segment. Having started its history in 1999, the company today has established itself as a reliable manufacturer in the domestic and international market

The main products of Monocrystal in the segment of composite pastes and powders are metallization pastes for forming the contact surface of silicon solar cells (SES) by screen printing. Monocrystal has been engaged in industrial production of pastes for solar energy since 2002. Now the company possesses technologies and the equipment for realization of a full cycle of manufacture of a complete set of high-quality Al- and Ag-containing pastes.

According to Yole Développement, Monocrystal has a 47% market share in sapphire for LEDs. Thus, Monocrystal Sapphire is used in every 2nd LED.

Monocrystal is increasing its production capacity by 50% annually in order to meet the growing demand for high quality sapphire.

The company pays special attention to environmental issues. In its work it reduces the negative impact of production activities on the environment. In order to minimise the impact of its activities, it introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system on a regular basis in 2009 at all locations around the world.

By 2020, the company plans to halve its environmental impact in 25 significant environmental aspects, including plastic waste, fluorescent lamps and carbon dioxide emissions.

At the same time, the company plans to launch a new program aimed at developing environmental awareness among its suppliers. The company plans to increase by 15% the share of A-class suppliers that fully comply with the company's environmental policy.