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STC Thin Film Technologies in Power Engineering is a Russian company whose main activity is to carry out research work aimed at improving the quality of silicon heterostructured photovoltaic modules.

The company was established in 2010. The company's founder is the first Russian manufacturer of solar models, Hewel. The STC TPT has become the backbone of OOO "Khevel", thanks to which the plant was improved and since 2017 has been engaged in the production of heterostructured solar modules.

More than 10 companies from different countries took part in the formation and creation of STC thin-film technology. The most important project, which became from the day the idea appeared and its implementation became international, was successfully implemented in all senses. Investors were such companies as RUSNANO, "Havel" LLC, "Skolkovo" fund and Ioffe FTI. In just one year, partners from an abandoned workshop with outdated equipment managed to create a room fully equipped with advanced equipment, ready to conduct research and development work. An important role in the implementation of this project belongs to ElTech Saint-Petersburg, which was engaged in the issues of engineering equipment, design and construction of the enterprise, as well as interacting with contractors on issues of technology transportation.

The STC is located on the territory of the Ioffe Physics and Technology Institute, which allows it to successfully apply the rich scientific potential of this center, which is well known in the solar energy development sector.

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