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"Far Eastern Peat Company" is a Russian startup, resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, which has developed a fertilizer that increases yields by 15-25%.

A Russian startup, Far Eastern Peat Company, has developed a fertilizer that can increase yields by 15-25%. It is based on peat and active microbial strains. In this regard, the company has hit the bull's-eye, as the segment of this market is growing, which is called not by days, but by hours. Thus, experts predict that in five years the biofertilizer market will be almost four billion dollars.

The reason for such a boom in popularity of the market is that microorganisms of biological origin improve the properties and health of soil, as well as growth and development of plants. There are enough conditions for biofertilizers to grow in popularity. First of all, the problem is that chemical fertilizers are simply not doing their job anymore.

Tests of the product "Far Eastern Peat Company" were conducted on cabbage with tomatoes. During the experiment, it was possible to increase the yield increase by 18%. Chinese and Korean agricultural companies have already expressed their interest in the Far Eastern Peat Company's products. The Russian startup has already started exporting its product to the above-mentioned countries. There they use it in mushroom growing.

The team consists of doctors of biological and agricultural sciences, professors of biochemistry, ecologists and successful entrepreneurs who drive the project. Some time ago, the Far Eastern Peat Company acquired the resident status of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, which opened its doors to completely new opportunities.

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