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Company IVIX is engaged in the development of drugs for the regulation of female sexual function.

Founded in 2012, IVIX is dedicated to the study of female sexual dysfunction. Its main goal is to bring to the Russian and international markets a drug that can help the weaker sex improve the quality of their intimate life, as well as reproductive health. The project was celebrated at Russia's largest startup conference and won first place together with five million rubles. Scientists working in this company managed to invent a completely new molecule capable of curing female sexual dysfunction in theory - a complex disease for which there is no specific treatment.

By the way, this is a very common thing. In the same States, about half of women of reproductive age face problems in intimate life. Despite the fact that in Russia, due to the low culture of visiting sexologists, there are no official statistics, according to some estimates five million women are exposed to these problems. Often, doctors advise women who seek them on a wide range of medications, including antidepressants and hormonal drugs. However, sometimes treatment fails to produce the expected results, so the emergence of a drug that can bring relief to women cannot be overstated.

Two years after the company was founded, the molecule they developed was introduced into the hundred of the best and most important Russian patents of 2014. The company is also a resident of the innovation center, which gives it a number of certain advantages, which include the following: the opportunity to invite opinion leaders, correctly build a commercial model of the project, to get contacts with leaders among pharmaceutical companies and get various benefits, as well as a grant. Of course, similar projects already exist, but their products have serious side effects with low efficiency, as well as not the most convenient application scenarios (subcutaneous injections an hour before making love).

The drug IVIX through the use of familiar to our body compounds is safe and used through the nose. In preclinical studies, it was used on female animals and increased both their sexual behavior and readiness for sexual intercourse, as well as the number of successful fertilization, embryos and the number of calves. This suggests that the drug may also be effective in the treatment of idiopathic infertility. By now, the drug has already passed the second phase of clinical trials, during which showed high efficiency and safe order of magnitude higher than competitors.

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