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Health Modeling Technology

The company "Health Modeling Technology" develops software for phones and tablets with three-dimensional modeling, showing the health status of patients.

Health Modeling Technology which is also a Skolkovo resident, is developing a project called eClon. This name conceals software developed for tablets and mobile devices, which is actually a visual representation of a person's electronic medical record. The Health Modeling Technology application can be used by both patients and medical staff. The eClon Health Monitoring System displays the patient's health status in 3D models of the human body.

For this purpose, both data from external sources and what is stored in a person's personal health profile are used. In building a three-dimensional model of the patient's body such indicators as heart rate, heart rate, weight, blood sugar content and so on are used. The platform on which the project is based is compatible with the Virtual Hospital. The main target group of "Health Modeling Technology" is people between the age of sixteen and forty years. More than seven million people live in Moscow alone and fall under the group described above.

The total number of people falling into the company's target group, "Health Modeling Technology" estimates about one hundred million people. Among the partners cooperating with the company there are many research organizations, clinical hospitals, neurosurgery institutes and insurance companies. With the help of this project, people can not only get all the necessary information about their health or the health of their patient, but can get it in a convenient form.

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