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Osteros Biomedica

Osteros Biomedica - is a private Russian company that develops drugs to treat bone lesions.

The main goal of the project is the development of a drug capable of curing a person from malignant tumors. Osteros Biomedica started in 2012, and the first drug under development is a synthetic conjugate of two molecules. These molecules prevent the loss of bone mass and destroy tumour cells. The company has carried out a number of studies on animals with a primary tumour, as a result of which the preparation has proved to be excellent. At the moment, there are plans to move to clinical trials.

In turn, thanks to its participation in the Skolkovo resident list, Osteros Biomedica will not only be able to optimize its budget, but will also have at its disposal the advanced technologies that are so necessary for successful product development. One of the problems that Osteros Biomedica is struggling withis a multiple myeloma. It's a tumour disease of the blood system, which is caused by bone marrow cells. This often leads to skeletal complications, which not only cause terrible suffering to patients, but also increase the cost of treatment.

The company's investors include the Maxwell Biotech venture fund - despite the fact that the biotechnology industry is not as popular with investors as IT at the moment, the company managed to attract the necessary subsidies.

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