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"Avtostankoprom was founded in April 2003. The company is engaged in working out, manufacture and introduction of products from polymeric composite epilam.

"Avtostankoprom" makes various polymeric coverings on technology Epilam: A multifunctional polymeric composition for protection, washing and preservation of Floor-A, fluorocarbon liquid ЖФЭ, antifreezing agent of Floor C, dividing grease of Fluro В, antifrictional tribosostav Tribokontsentrat, antifreezing agent SNEGOTEK 1, multifunctional polymeric protection with hydrophobic properties Epilam Electronics C, waterproofing agent Epilam Efren K, multifunctional polymeric composition to protect rolled metal pipes from red and white corrosion Epilam AKVA, etc.

Each polymeric composition has many modifications.

The company is developing new directions in the field of adhesive coatings for glasses and nanopolymer additives for motor vehicles. This also includes special adhesive coatings for sports equipment.

The company's partners are JSC "Russian Railways", for which the company has successfully solved the problem of icing on the basement equipment of the high-speed train "Sapsan", PJSC "Gazpromneft", under a contract with which the company has for a long period of time removed ice from the elements of the terminal structure, OOO Tomskneftekhim, where snow adhesion to the extruder dispenser was reduced, for OOO Geoskan the company managed to reduce icing on the drone structure elements, for PAO TGL-1 antiadhesive and anti-corrosion treatment was performed.

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