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Microbor Composite

Microbor Composite was organized in 2010.

Russian plant of hard and welding tools for processing and grinding of cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamonds. Microbor Composite is the most modern Russian company and one of the most modern companies in Europe, which produces and develops superhard processing tools and tools.

The company is equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies for the synthesis of superhard composite materials and produces high quality tools. Microbor manufactures and sells interchangeable welded and homogenous panels in most engineering shapes and sizes for turning and grinding, while providing G-grade and higher accuracy. The company conducts regular research to develop new and improved versions of cubic boron nitride to extend tool life and applications.

Polycrystalline diamond is a composite material of standard hardness under normal conditions. The use of different types of additives, in addition to changing the particle size and diamond destruction, provides different functional properties for the end product. A record hardness index makes it necessary to process non-ferrous metals and alloys (titanium and aluminium), composites, plastics, glass, ceramics and other hard materials.

Thanks to many years of experience and technological developments of the best scientists of the Soviet Union, as well as our own experience and the latest European equipment at all stages of the production process, the quality of Microbor tools is not inferior to products similar to the world's leading brands.

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